Monday, September 23, 2013

Meeting "Pilot"

As far as work goes, my day was pretty normal on September 10th.  I was watering plants, weeding plants, training plants, pruning plants, and picking fruit from the plants.... that was, until my boss asked me to deliver some produce to an old friend's house.
It's not an abnormal thing for me to deliver produce and other things to people around the area.  In fact, it is a welcome change from the monotony that can accompany the regular chores that need done around a green house.
As I pulled into my friend's drive, I saw a dog lying under neath a pickup.  The dog thumped it's tail on the ground happily upon seeing my vehicle, then he crawled out from his shady spot and trotted toward my vehicle to greet me.  I talked to the dog as he casually sniffed me while I pulled the produce from the vehicle, and we walked together up to the door.  My friend opened up the door, took the produce from me and handed it to his wife before asking "Do ya wanna dawg?" he pointed at the dog that had greeted me.
I turned and looked at the dog who looked up at me with a smile and a wag of his tail.  He looked like an Blue Heeler mix, and his left eye was surprisingly white, but not blind in the least.
"He just showed up here a while back." my friend continued "I think he was a dump off."
Unfortunately, dogs get dumped off in the country a lot.  Many people in the cities and towns around us do not have the sense of responsibility to get their pet dogs fixed.  Things happen when they don't get their dog fixed, and soon they find that they have puppies.  The puppies get "adopted" out to whomever.  The people who see the puppies think they are so cute, they just got to have one.  Soon though, that puppy gets older, and the people no longer want to deal with the responsibility.  So, they load the dog up, take it out of town, and dump it.  Some dogs get lucky....some don't.
I studied the dog for a moment "Well, I don't need a dog....but I want one."
My friend grabbed the dog with a smile and led him to my vehicle "Well, if he don't werk out fer ya, you can find a new home fer him!"
So, the dog with the white eye got put into my vehicle, and he spent the rest of the day at work with me.
Once I got off work, I text my mom: "Heading home.... will need baking soda and dog shampoo."
At least she had a heads up, right?
Not everyone at home knew what to think of the dog with the white eye.  Kris' dogs were certain he was an intruder come to usurp their throne.  The kids of course wanted to keep him.  Dad saw another obstacle to trip over and feed.  But all in all, everybody liked him.  He was smart, friendly, happy, gentle, and laid back.  He seemed to fit in well.  Everyone was actually wondering if he was God's choice of dog for me.  So, after spending a day watching and learning about this dog, the family and I decided he would be worth trying out.  Now, after a solid week, we have decided he is a keeper.  He stays next to me all the time, he listens very well to me, he likes going to work with me and he fits in well.  He likes people and gets along with other animals.  He is very smart and learning the rules and boundaries quickly, as well as learning his obedience promptly.  Basically, he is the exact dog that I have needed.
Because I have a ferret and a horse that both have a name that begins with a "P", I decided that this dog needed a name that started with "P".  The kids voted on several names, much to their delight, and a name was finally chosen.
I bought him a new collar with my number and his name on it, so he will never be without a home again.

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